" PLANKTON VITALAE® is the story of a source of natural healing and restorative energy with regenerative powers."


The name PLANKTON VITALAE® patented by the Thermanence laboratory reflects the creation of a complex blending natural thermal plankton combined with our planktonic thermal spring water. Through the name, two powerful active ingredients are associated with many benefits, present in all of the Thermanence products.

The combined action of these two active ingredients covers a wide range of skin pathologies :

  • - dry to very dry skin
  • - skin ageing
  • - couperose or rosacea - atopic skin
  • - eczema-prone skin
  • - psoriasis-prone skin
  • - itchy skin

Thermanence - Plankton


If fights effectively against the dreaded« oxidative stress ».

Thermal plankton is a living micro-organism endemic to our thermal spring. There are very few places in the world where this gift from nature can be found. Also called glairin, it is over 3.8 billion years old. It develops with the seasons, under the influence of the combined action of the sulphurous thermal spring water in which is born, of oxygen and of light. Our thermal plankton is one of the rare active ingredients to possess so many biological properties, it is able to soothe skin by stimulating natural defences.

The thermal plankton fights effectively against the dreaded "oxidative stress", responsible for cellular ageing and stimulates and maintains a healthy epidermis. It also has soothing properties, in particular for atopic, sensitive or problem skin. It calms eczema and psoriasis and helps burns heal. Finally, it plays a major role in maintaining a healthy epidermis and fulfils its mission to protect skin against the stresses of the external environment, which is essential for beautiful skin.

Focus on *SOD Like

The superoxide dismutase (SOD) present in our thermal plankton is an important enzyme in the cellular defence system against the free radicals generated by breathing oxygen and exposure to UV rays.

The neutralisation of the free radicals makes it possible to slow down skin ageing (anti-oxidant) considerably and to significantly reduce skin irritation and inflammation due to the damage caused by ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).


The Romans of Antiquity had already discovered the benefits of sulphurous waters. These water sources have the particularity of very often being located in inaccessible places and consequently their origins are always shrouded in mystery. Humans quickly understood that they were an inexhaustible natural resource. They therefore devoted their energies to domesticating the water in order to extract all of their beneficial properties. These waters are the sign of well-being, soothing, relaxation, they enable body and mind to express themselves freely.

The site, in the
heart of a preserved natural setting

Our spring located in the eastern French Pyrenees is a timeless oasis, surrounded by azure blue pools of water from which rises a faint mist, a sulphurous smell, set in the heart of a ceaselessly active natural environment, with all sounds and fragrances. You are surrounded by a cirque of virgin mountains which form a truly striking landscape. This is where Thermanence naturally found its production and thermal plankton cultivation site.

Thermanence - Plankton

The origins, since the very beginning of life

In the heart of a natural setting preserved from any pollution, at the foot of the eastern French Pyrenees, year after year, a phenomenon that is unique in Europe takes place. Since the very beginning of life on earth, 3.8 billion years ago, rainwater and the melting of 12,000-year-old snow that has seeped 5 km below the surface reach 130°C. Under pressure from the friction of the rocks and the heat of the Earth, this water rises to the surface loaded with minerals. Here, at an altitude of 1150 metres, is the source of our thermal spring water, producing 600 litres per minute, 700 m3 of water per day.

Thermanence - Plankton

The properties of our water,
a balanced spring

Our spring is one of the hottest springs in the region with an average temperature of 58°C which makes its waters hyperthermal. It is one of the rare springs that is balanced in terms of trace elements and minerals. Rich in sulphur, it soothes skin inflammation and restores comfort through its soothing, healing properties.

Thermanence - Plankton

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