1 - Where are Thermanence products made?

All our cosmetic products are created and manufactured in France. Our formulation laboratory specialized in natural formulation is located in the Occitanie region, 3 hours from our thermal plankton harvesting site and our spring. The logistics between the different stages of production have been optimized since the creation of Thermanence.  

2 - Are Thermanence products made from natural ingredients?  

Thermanence's philosophy is to use the benefits of nature for the benefit of the skin and more particularly for sensitive skin. With this in mind, Thermanence strives to create effective, specialized and natural products while developing modern and pleasant textures. We use natural ingredients in our formulas, in addition to the thermal plankton and thermal water present in all our products.  

3 - Are Thermanence products organic?   

Thermanence products are not certified organic, however Thermanence uses mainly natural ingredients in its formulas with ingredients from organic farming. Since its creation, Thermanence wishes to eliminate from its formulations most of the ingredients considered undesirable.  

4- Are Thermanence products comedogenic ?  

Most of our face products are non-comedogenic. They are tested under dermatological control to ensure that they do not promote the appearance of imperfections.  

5- Can Thermanence products be used on children?  

Thermanence does not yet have any products dedicated to babies (under 3 years old) or young children (3 years old to teenagers). As a precaution, Thermanence does not recommend the use of its products on children.  

6 - Are Thermanence products tested on animals?  

Since its creation, Thermanence does not test any of its products or raw materials on animals, in accordance with European regulations 

7- Which products contain essential oils? 

You will find below the list of treatments that contain essential oils: 

Moisturizing body cream, Silky moisturizing Cream, Intense regenerating serum, Face scrub, Shower gel, Shampoo

8 - How long can I keep my product before opening?  

After several tests in our laboratory, our formulas have shown that they are stable over time. According to the Cosmetic Regulations, they do not need to display an expiration date. However, if you wish to know the date of manufacture of the product, we can communicate it to you by referring to the corresponding batch number.  

9 - How long can I keep my product after opening?  

The Period After Opening (PAO) is generally between 6 and 24 months. It is found on all products in the form of a pictogram representing an open jar with a number followed by the letter M. The number indicated corresponds to the number of months in which it is recommended to consume the product after opening.  

10 - Are Thermanence products suitable for sensitive skin?  

The whole of the Thermanence range is aimed at sensitive skin, however certain formulas can make the so-called ultra sensitive skin react.

The formulas we recommend for sensitive skin are :  

Intense repairing cream, Intense repairing emulsion, Intense regenerating cream, Intense repairing balm

However, if your skin is very sensitive, we recommend that you consult your dermatologist prior to any application.  

11-  Is thermal plankton natural?  

The plankton culture is carried out in the strictest respect of the natural process of formation of the thermal plankton.  The micro-organisms develop at the rhythm of the seasons, under the combined action of the sulphurous thermal water in which they are born and live, the oxygen in the air and the light.  The harvest is carried out in specific culture basins, in the thermal spring of St Thomas, during the periods of the year most favorable to its growth and its quality.

12 - Are Thermanence products vegan?  

Thermanence products are formulated without ingredients of animal origin. 

13 - Have Thermanence products been tested for skin tolerance?  

All our products have undergone numerous quality, tolerance and effectiveness tests under dermatological control by an independent laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health before being put on the market.

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